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Shiny Floors and Sparkling Windows

We Offer a Range of Professional Cleaning Services in Brevard County

The average business is a beehive of activity with employees and customers interacting on a regular basis. If you own a company, it’s inevitable that trash, clutter and other unsightly messes will accumulate, which is why you need a professional janitorial service to keep things clean.

Keeping Your Floors Shiny

Gravity dictates that everything must fall toward the ground, which is why your floors require special attention. Between excessive foot traffic, spills and other mishaps, your building’s flooring quickly accumulates an unsightly amount of dirt. When you choose floor scrubbing from our list of cleaning services, we’ll attack each hard surface in your foyer, hallway and bathroom areas with the latest equipment and cleansing products. We can even work with gentler chemicals if you have environmental concerns or employees who suffer from allergies.

Specialty Service to Meet Individual Needs

While carpets, tiles and trash cans get a lot of attention from commercial cleaners, there are plenty of additional areas of your building that might need attention. No matter if you need air cleansing or any other specialty cleaning service, you can trust our staff to handle the project quickly and professionally with minimal disruptions to your operations.
C&C provides the most detailed floor care in Brevard County, with many other services that can be done to make your building cleaner and safer.​

Trust Our Experience

If you need a business cleaning company for your Brevard County property, why not work with an organization that has served the community for 40 years? Appearances matter in today’s competitive marketplace, and it’s important to maintain a clean environment for your customers and employees. To schedule service for your building, contact C&C Commercial Cleaning, Inc. today at 321-768-0854.